freedom!!!!!! at last, i'm free from that dreadful exam that wreaked havoc to my social life!

it's been a week now since the last day of my exams and i'm so glad it's all over. that chapter of my life is closed now and i'm ready to start a new one. life had been a series of failures and heartaches in 2004. and now, finally, the sun has started to shine down on me. what a great feeling!

but before anything else, i need a page break! while B and I were reviewing, we've been making plans on what to do after the exam. mine is not so long and i hope to get to do them soon...but not necessarily in order...

1. go to boracay...B and I spent hours thinking of what we're gonna do there. and we agreed on one thing...get drunk on the first night! but first, i'd probably...

2. go to the gym...not just to drop by but really do some workout. i'm in the stage that a simple diet would not do the trick...i need to burn calories!

3. start driving...but not my own car, not yet.

4. decide on my career path. this is a very big decision that needs deep thought which i'm not very ready yet. my neurons are still recuperating from the exams i took.

that's just about it...for now.


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