i got my very first ipod a couple of days ago in the power mac store in greenbelt. since i'm a newbie in this type of thingamajig and i wanted to be sure it was really working, i asked one of the personnel to try it for me before bringing it home.

rather than listening to the guy's instructions, my friend J and i horsed around with their laptop and accomplished these instead!

how's my new gadget now? it's still in the box and have yet to try it since i brought it home. i'm still thinking of a name for it. any suggestions?


Blogger atticus said...

asus. kailangan pa bang i-memorize iyan? JJ siyempre. o kaya atticus. o kaya duke. oo nga, duke. mas pasaway ang doktor na iyon.

Oct 6, 2007, 1:06:00 PM  

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