hello kitty II

no, i didn't win in the lotto (simply because i haven't made a bet yet). neither was i that rich nor obsessed to buy that very expensive phone. but little miracles do happen...and it did happen to me.

just a day after i saw the hello kitty phone at ebay, my sister sent me a message that she had seen the phone that i liked somewhere. at the time, i hadn't told her about my "find" at ebay. it turned out, she saw a photo in a local magazine which featured the vintage shops in marikina shoe expo. though i hadn't seen the magazine yet, i knew it was the phone. i immediately called up the owner of Chunky Far Flung Gallery to inquire about the price and to reserve it for me before anybody beat me to it.

that was why i made the round of vintage shops in cubao, with my niece, M 2 weeks ago. when we got there, i checked the phone out. it was yellowish from years of use unlike the one in ebay. it wasn't perfect also, with some chips on the cord and the plunger. nevertheless, it was the phone of my dreams and it was working. in true filipino fashion, i bargained a little with the owner about the price although deep inside i knew i would get it. in the end, i got it at P1600.00 (around $ 28). not bad coz i didn't think i would see another one like it.

though the sale was made, i didn't take it home yet that day coz they had to change the cord. it was only today that i got to take it home and is now standing proudly at a table beside my bed. but i don't think it would last there. i have to find a higher place to put it where P & L wouldn't be able to reach them coz i'm sure they would be very curious about it.

oh, when i saw my sister's magazine, the photo was sooo small that only the eyes of a hawk would see it. i was lucky my sister had very sharp eyes. and i believe that phone was really meant for me.


Blogger duke said...

hayup ka! nakuha mo nga!!!!! try wishing for....a car!!!! bilis bilils!!!!!

Jul 31, 2005, 2:02:00 AM  
Anonymous SilverMoon said...

Hi Kero!
Wonderful story! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy that phone! I love vintage or special collectable things. Awesome! :)

Aug 2, 2005, 2:52:00 PM  
Anonymous SilverMoon said...

I forgot to add that I love that phone works so you can use it to keep in touch with your friends and family and smile even more while doing so. Loved reading that you bargained for it. I'm not Filipino but I love to bargain; it's part of the thrill of the hung! :)

Aug 2, 2005, 2:54:00 PM  

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