i finished reading book 6 in three days. took me a while longer than i expected coz i kept falling asleep especially in the first few chapters. for the first half, i think it was a little dragging, probably the reason why i kept dozing off. plus it took me time trying to recall some of the details from the previous books. i should have read book 5 again before i started on this book.

i was glad harry was over his teenage angst which was very evident in book 5. i found him really irritating on that book. i was almost not sorry when syrius died...it was his fault anyway. in the newest book, harry was back to his old self but a little more mature and still quite a smart ass.

towards the end, i felt tears starting to drop. i didn't expect what happened to happen. given my history of crying while watching movies, it's probably no surprise that i would shed tears while reading too. but this was the first time i cried over a book...and a harry potter book at that. i think my hormones are acting up again...

the book was okay and i would still wait for the 7th and last installment. but i didn't think the author wrote this book for the kids. it was too grim. but then again, kids are different nowadays so it may not be a problem.

one thing for sure, i gotta talk to FRD. she finished reading yesterday. i hope she could answer why somebody had to die...oops, i've said too much. my apologies to those who haven't read it yet.


Blogger duke said...

harry who? harry batumbakal?

Jul 22, 2005, 6:56:00 AM  
Blogger No_Newz said...

You're right, those books don't seem to be meant for kids. Seems a lot of people cried during the last stretch. :)
Happy weekend!
Lois Lane

Jul 24, 2005, 3:24:00 AM  

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