jack ryan

i'm currently watching a harrison ford movie on cable tv. i think i've seen this film more than five times but i haven't gotten tired of it. actually, i don't think i'll ever get tired of watching his movies. i dunno what it is about him but i find him ruggedly handsome.

when i see him in a movie, i always get the impression he wouldn't be able to beat the villain but obviously, in the end, he would. i guess it's because his whole demeanor isn't like the typical leading men i see. his is more like the quiet, strong type... parang nasa loob ang kulo. his aggressiveness only becomes apparent when needed and so he could always be taken for granted as a sort-of a weakling. exceptions to this are his charactes in the star wars trilogy and indiana jones series. but then, he was a lot younger then.

he was the best when he played the jack ryan character from tom clancy's books. and it didn't hurt that i'm a tom clancy fan as well. i couldn't imagine anyone who could play jack ryan better. i wish harrison ford would make another jack ryan movie, and this time, the executive orders. i will keep my fingers crossed. but for now, i'll just continue watching his old movies.


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