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the broken bakya Posted by Hello

remember my precious bakya/clogs? it's dead... maybe from the heavy weight it carried or from the cobblestones it walked on last night or most probably, the wood was not just sturdy enough. whatever the reason is, the right shoe split into two at the wrong place and at the wrong time. and no, i wasn't out on a date but i was out, just the same. my money down the drain, just like that. i swear, i would never buy a bakya ever again.

good thing, i was with my ever dependable friend, B., who picked up the other half and went with me to the nearest 7-11 store to buy mighty bond. take note, i walked a few meters from where we were to the store, my R foot wearing only half of my broken bakya. it was uncomfortable and i felt all the dirt was sticking on my sole. B., on the other hand, was holding on to the other half of my broken shoe. i was laughing the whole time and at the same time i wanted to cry in sheer frustration. bakit o bakit ngayon pa?!? buhay nga naman!

thank God, my bakya cooperated after it was glued to its other half. in fact, i had a really great time despite everything. noel c. was very good as always, singing my requests, and didn't even take a break! he sang and played the guitar for 3 hours straight. dunno where he gets the energy. btw, for those who are wondering, he doesn't play at 70s bistro anymore on wednesdays, instead, you can catch him at conspiracy garden cafe, which he co-owns. show still starts at 9:30 pm. he said he's sick and tired of all the second-hand smoke he gets from 70s. plus he's scared for the effects on his lungs...well, he should be!

oh yeah, my series of unfortunate events did not finish with the broken bakya. this morning, i went to see my mom before she left for work, to inform her that i'm going out again tonight. she casually told me that she just called up M (B's bf) at his house, waking him up to ask where i was. she and the maids thought that i wasn't home yet coz the maids didn't open the door for me and B last night. they didn't know that it was my brother who opened the door for us coz i couldn't get through the maids' phones. and no, they didn't check if i was in my room. they just presumed i wasn't home yet. now, i couldn't face M yet. i'm still embarassed as hell.

and whether i like it or not, it just proved that i'm still the baby in the house, even if i'm nearing thirty! ah ewan!


Blogger duke said...

...maybe from the heavy weight it carried or from the cobblestones it walked on last night or most probably, the wood was not just sturdy enough

you still don't know why? i do. i certainly don't blame the cobblestones or the wood...hehehe. and your series of unfortunate events doesn't compare to mine. you're still the luckier one.

Mar 11, 2005, 3:24:00 AM  

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