night out

one night, last week, i found myself in a disco bar, outside manila. normally, i wouldn't be caught dead dancing or even just hanging out inside a disco. bars like 70's bistro or conspiracy garden cafe were more of my scene. but last week, together with KT, FRD and FRD's young cousins, we found ourselves barhopping which eventually ended in a dark, noisy, fully-packed disco bar, it's name i could not recall.

up until now, i could not understand how the place became a disco bar when you couldn't even find a spot to do some decent, or even undecent dancing. the place was too crowded and all one could do was sway a little to the music, which was an advantage for me since i don't really dance. maybe it was just a place to see people and be seen. to ogle and be ogled.

the age range of people there were teens to early 20s, so obviously, FRD, KT and i felt a little out of place. i couldn't even enjoy seeing a cute guy without thinking of being sued for statutory rape!

FRD's cousins were our hosts for the night and they all had a great time. the 3 of us ended up as the chaperones. our presence served as an excuse for the kids to have a late night in town without curfews and limitations. there were no limit to their alcohol consumption since their "chaperones" were mildly alcoholics as well.

oh well, i must be really getting old and the kids, i think are a lot different now. i guess my parents had the same sentiments while i was growing up....


Anonymous SilverMoon said...

Interesing post. DId you become a dr. recently? Congratulations! :)
I can't find a place to comment so will do so here: The film "Notting Hll" rocked as did "When Harry Met Sally." It's interesting how certain films cross age barriers, like life. :D

Jun 25, 2005, 6:33:00 PM  

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