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D's wedding, Feb 2004 Posted by Hello

back in highschool, we were part of a big group, who would all eat lunch together in the hallway, which we fondly called family hall, and blocked everybody else from passing through. we belonged in different sections then when the school decided to dissolve the first section, our class, and distributed us to join the other classes. but it didn't matter much since we've already formed friendships from way, way back, during the first 2 years of elementary school. we all practically grew up together, separated only during weekends and summer vacations.

in college our lunch group went to different schools. we would see the others once in a while but it was the 4 of us who kept in touch all the time. D took up a pre-law course and is now a lawyer, a mother and a wife. R & i took up premed course but had different schools and we are both doctors now. P took up a computer course which we all couldn't remember the name but turned out to be IT and is now the richest among the 4. =)

the four of us witnessed each other's successes and failures. saw each other bloom, physically and emotionally. cried on each other's shoulders during heartaches and hearbreaks. laughed together and laughed at one another. learned from each other's mistakes, sometimes the hard way. shared our most intimate and darkest secrets knowing that we would still see each other the same way. and no matter how far we are from one another, no matter how different our fields are, we are best friends and sisters through and through. and i couldn't ask for more... except for a boyfriend, maybe. =)


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