on rallies, etc.

while examining a patient, i heard the others talking about a rally to be held today. suddenly, i realized i wasn't just moonlighting for a non-government organization, but an NGO which was affiliated with a group of activists.

the fear of being abducted by unidentified goons and being questioned for involvement with anti-government activities started to resurface...ala martial law. not that i've done anything wrong but my over-active imagination could sometimes get the best of me.

good thing i wasn't invited. it spared me from making an excuse and saying no to these people who are dedicated to their vision of democracy. although i know they would respect my decision not to get involved.

when i applied as a part time physician in that clinic, i told them that i would do only what i could do. and that is, a doctor to those who would need one. rallies are not my style...well, at least now that i'm a little older.

and though most of the people i see there are members of a group, all fighting for a cause, in my eyes, they're all patients seeking help from a doctor.


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