father's day

on sunday, my family would be celebrating father's day without our dad. another first for us. just the same, it's a good excuse for the whole family to get together and have lunch somewhere. since my dad isn't with us anymore, my mom would shoulder the burden of treating everybody to some good food. but on second thought, maybe this time, my brothers would be treating us instead since they're both fathers now.

and good food it better be. food is a big thing in my family and eating is our passion, though we're not much into cooking (at least for me). so we're more into eating out and celebrations such as father's day, however commercialized it is, is a very good excuse for us to try a new restaurant in town. i wonder where it would be this time...
enough about eating and more about fathers...

sometimes i'm amazed how fatherhood changes some people. for instance, J, husband of my friend DJ and sam's dad, used to be an insomniac which was probably due to too much stress at work. he usually needs a sleeping tablet just so he could sleep at night. but with the arrival of baby sam, lo and behold! his insomnia became a thing of the past! the joy of seeing sam, taking care of her, watching her grow and playing with her made him forget all his worries.

J and family
and now that J can sleep better at night, DJ is the one who wakes up to feed and change sam's diaper at night. ayus!


Blogger No_Newz said...

I'm sorry you too know the pain of Father's Day without your dad. This was my first year without mine too.
Thank you for visiting Home Fires today.
Lois Lane

Jun 25, 2005, 10:17:00 AM  

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