"Neimann Marcus" cookies

the baking itch hit me again and today, i decided to use the recipe i got from my email a couple of months back. it was the recipe of "Neimann Marcus" cookies. it was said that a lady bought the recipe from a Neimann-Marcus branch and thought that it costs only $2.50. when she got her credit card bill, she was surprised that it was $250.00! so, to get even, she decided to share the recipe with everybody.

Bengorts, to whom i forwarded the same email, had tried the recipe before and it turned out okay. so i proceeded to make the cookies, but only after Bengorts answered all my endless questions. baking cookies was another first for me just like the lasagna i made a week ago.

all the while i thought it was the true recipe. it was only a few minutes ago that i learned that it was an urban legend. oh well, i've already made the cookies and from my biased point of view, it tasted good! even my mom agreed that i did a good job... which is definitely, another biased opinion. she probably knew i would never bake again if she said something else.

and now i'm running out of recipes. i'd like to try baking brownies from scratch and not the ready-made mix often seen in groceries. i want to make food for the gods too, a personal favorite. but i have yet to find the recipe...hopefully the same recipe becky's kitchen uses.


Blogger duke said...

huy magdala ka ng kuki mo at nang mabiyayaan din ako.

Aug 7, 2005, 12:00:00 PM  
Anonymous miwa said...

hey, I've tried baking those Neiman Marcus cookies too :) Nun lang ako nakapag-bake the cookies na may instant coffee. I came across it while googling for Mrs. Field's recipe hehe.

Aug 8, 2005, 9:23:00 AM  
Anonymous pink elephant said...

wow! neiman marcus cookies....
as a fashionista ive been in the dark all this time about a recipe from one of my fave stores. love your new improved blog!

Aug 13, 2005, 12:49:00 AM  
Blogger kero said...

duke: just made another batch of cookies, this time using the original neiman marcus recipe =)

miwa: i almost forgot to add the instant coffee. probably you could google for me a recipe of food for the gods? =)

pink elephant: try this site: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/service/nmAbout.jhtml#cookie, it's the real recipe! enjoy!

Aug 14, 2005, 12:12:00 AM  

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