a friend of bugsy started a blog which features articles from different blogs that "tell stories of human interest, Filipino virtues and culture". the articles were published in a blog called Journey of the Soul and cath of Now What, Cat? is the one responsible for this wonderful idea. She said...

"I am not ambitio
us. It is just a simple wish to create a blog that promotes values and virtues that may no longer found from many of us."

and so, i want to thank bugsy, who recommended my entry, what's in a word, to cath. and of course, to cath, who thought it was worth publishing in her blog. as an added bonus to me, cath also featured another article i made a few months back, A. my heartfelt thanks! =)


Blogger bugsybee said...

It was my pleasure, Doc!

Oct 3, 2005, 12:11:00 AM  

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