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had dinner last night with my medics roommates in one of the restaurants along t. morato. of course, dinner wouldn't be complete if we don't have our dessert in our favorite bakeshop/cafe, also along t. morato. it was a much delayed kwentuhan for us 4 girls. we've been planning on meeting since late last year and since i was indisposed till recently, it was only last night that we got together. actually, only A & M were my roomies while J was a former roommate of A before we moved in. but since J was a frequent visitor, she was regarded as a roommate too, along with a couple of other friends.

it was a fun night and for the most part, we forgot that we were in a public place and laughed our hearts out. there was a lot of catching up to do but we did it all in good time before my curfew was up. J was the one who had a lot of catching up to do since we haven't seen her for more than a year and boy, was she surprised by some of our news.

we didn't do much eating though (oo duke, konti lang kinain ko). in fact, there was a lot of pasta left and we had it wrapped. then we transferred to the dessert place, which was a block away from the restaurant. as we were ordering our dessert, i saw the waiter from the restaurant looking for us. for a moment, i thought we forgot to pay our bill. but i noticed that in his hand is our leftover bag. great service, huh? i was pleasantly surprised. i didn't realize that there are still establishments/waiters who put their clients first above all else. fine, fine, the restaurant was burgoo in t. morato (although my family and i had a bad experience on that restaurant before...but that's another story).

it's amazing how people could still stay as friends no matter how far they are from each other or how long they've been apart. in this cynical world i live in, i'm so blessed to have friends like that. maybe it would take months, another year or longer before we'd be complete again but i'm sure the friendship would stay the same forever.

and to think that i met these girls in my mid-twenties, when we all have our own set of friends since way back, i was still lucky to have formed friendships with them. some would categorize them as new friends, but i've always considered them as old friends who were a part of my life when we were all struggling to become good physicians, balancing studying with having a good time while in med school.


Blogger duke said...

e baket di mo ko dinalhan ng tira tira nyo? wala kang ebidensya, i'm sure kinain mo lahat un pag-uwi mo.

Mar 13, 2005, 12:59:00 AM  

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