yup, i am angry. i am angry because somebody who used to be very important to me, thought he could reenter my life, just like that, as if nothing happened, and with open arms at that. how insensitive a person can be!

i may have talked to him in the past for purely professional reasons, but i have never given the impression that we were friends again or could ever be friends again. i may have been polite to him, but that was only because i was brought up that way.

i may have forgiven him but i have not forgotten. coz forgetting would mean not learning the lesson. and i have definitely learned my lesson, although in a very hard way.

i may sound bitter right now but maybe because i still am. that "friendship" left a bitter taste in my heart that would take a long time to remove.

and all these blabbering was brought about by this simple sms message i received: KMUSTA?

kamustahin mo mukha mo!


Blogger duke said...

wow! finally!! something exciting going on!!! hahahahahaha!! yey yey yey. so...KMUSTA? buwahahahaha! *hangups hangups* (evil laugh...)

Aug 13, 2005, 3:30:00 AM  

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