toxic powers

as much as i want to deny it, i am a toxic magnet. no, i don't attract poisons, but i attract toxic (i.e., problematic; abundant ) patients, be it in the hospital or at the out-patient clinic i go to. definitely, the owners of the hospital aren't complaining since that means profit for them. but the nurses, midwives, nursing aids i work with aren't exactly happy. toxic patients mean more work for them and for me, of course. but i'm not complaining coz i'm better compensated as compared to them.

to make their shifts with me a little bearable for them i usually bring out my bag of goodies. i'm a believer of the saying, "the way to a person's heart is through his stomach", but in this case, the staff's heart. so far, my strategy has been working. though they're dead tired at the end of the day, their stomachs are not grumbling as well.

but still, every single week that i've been there, the staff would ask if i'm coming back the next week. although i would like to think that they would miss me if i'm not coming back, i think the main reason is they just want to know so they could schedule their off days to coincide with my duty days. oh well, at least, they haven't filed emergency leaves at the same time.

so far, i hold the record of the most number of admissions and the most number of ORs in a single day in that hospital....hmmm...what else? i have yet to experience a duty where i don't admit a really toxic patient, be it a vehicular accident victim, a patient with severe attack of asthma or a patient having a heart attack. i just hope my toxic powers wouldn't run out when i become a consultant!

oh, and i have a little secret...i wouldn't be there on my usual duty days next week. sorry na lang sa mga nag-off!


Anonymous jayred said...

Nice of you to regularly treat the staff with goodies for the stomach. :-) I'm sure your act of kindness was well appreciated.

You seem to have a toxic job.

Were you able to find the "Il Postino" CD you were looking for? Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to know there's someone who likes "Amelie," too.

God bless!

Oct 5, 2005, 1:40:00 AM  
Blogger kero said...

it was more of a bribe so they wouldn't get tired working with me...hehehe ;-)

about the CD, unfortunately, all the record bars i've been into had ran out of stock. =( but just like my hello kitty phone, i would find it all in due time.

thanks for visiting too. will be looking forward to your future visits!

Oct 6, 2005, 11:16:00 PM  

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