angels and kids

i have always read and heard of stories about angels saving lives, helping people or playing with very small children. although i believe they're in our midst, and maybe at some point have helped me one way or another, i have never really seen one.

earlier today, i was carrying my 8-month old nephew, K, and pointing to him the birds, dogs, flowers, and wind chime, among other things, outside our house. the whole time, K was just staring passively at all the things i showed him. but when i pointed to him the wood-carved image of the Sacred Heart and Mama Mary above our main door, he suddenly broke into a smile then a giggle. so i didn't make too much fuss about it and continued showing him other things. i tried to experiment and pointed to him the wood carvings, again, he smiled and even made pa-cute eyes! i did this a couple of times more and even showed it to other people in the house, still, K had the same reaction. whatever he was seeing there, i guess, it was a regular playmate of my nephew.

when my niece, P, was around that age too, we also thought she had playmates we couldn't see. P isn't like other babies who's smiling and kissing everybody all the time and cries only when hungry or wet. she's more of the moody, sungit type (like her godmother) and at a very young age, had a mind of her own. anyway, everytime i get her from her nanny, P would always break into tears. as in always. one day, i brought her to my room while still crying and tried to amuse her by showing her anything i could see inside the room. so there on the wall was a framed cross-stitch of cherubs and upon seeing it, P stopped crying and giggled. crazy girl, huh? after that, every time P cried, i would show her the cherubs and would magically smile and giggle.

my other nephew, L, had similar experiences too. his mom thinks his playmates could be tickling his stomach too coz everytime he sees pictures of angels, L would point to his tummy and laugh. whatever they're doing, be it winking, tickling or playing with them, we're just glad that they're able to make the kids laugh and be happy.


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