norah jones concert '05 Posted by Hello

last night, i saw the norah jones concert. if you've noticed from the picture, you can barely see norah. well, that's my view from where i sat. we got the 2nd cheapest tickets, and they were not cheap at all. i lost track of the total number of songs she sang. i stopped counting at the 7th song when she sang the nearness of you, or was it the 8th? the show started at around 8:30 pm and ended at around 10:15 pm. it was a short one, compared to other concerts i've seen, especially those of filipino artists. so, was it worth it? hmmm...i'm still thinking about it, but i'm leaning on yes.

oh, and i almost had my camera confiscated last night when i got a shot while the show was going on. the guard flashed his flashlight on our row, more on my back, but K and i didn't move a muscle, willing him to just go away. he left us eventually, muttering something to himself. but we avoided another confrontation by not taking another photo. it's too far, anyway.


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