the rainy season has officially started. i'm torn between gladly welcoming it and dreading it. the heat of the past summer was too much. but the coming of rains also mean floods. and that would mean getting stuck at home. aaargggghhhhh!

back in march, i made a list on things i'd like to do after my board exams. it was a short list but, surprise, surprise, i haven't done everything on it...

1. go to boracay... check. but not with B, as planned. i went with my family then i came back a week after with friends.

2. go to the gym... ummm... next please...

3. start driving... i did take driving lessons from C, but i still don't possess the guts to drive on my own. although last weekend, i experienced the joy of driving an automatic... so i guess, this is a half-check.

4. decide on my career path... the most difficult one. i've narrowed my list to those 3-year residency programs which wouldn't require too much stress to my poor neurons and body. stress is okay but not too much. nothing is definite yet, though... i'm still praying for guidance.


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