end of the world?

another earthquake, another natural calamity. what's next? where next? i hope and pray this country would be spared of any calamity, or better yet, there would never be a next one, anywhere. as it is, the whole world is beset with all types of calamities, both man-made and natural. it seems there's just no escape for man. kakalungkot.

when i think about it, my problems now look like tiny specks of dirt compared to what the victims of these calamities went through and still going through. while i am just deciding what to do next with my life, these people lost the love of their lives, their homes, their jobs and for some, the meaning of their lives.

i realize, as i have realized countless times before, that i'm still blessed in every way. that my problems are mere obstacles meant to be passed through, to put me in the right direction and keep me on the ground. right now, i think the victims would have a hard time seeing it the way i do but i pray that they would still find peace and hope in their hearts.


Blogger duke said...

lam mo bang the other day ko lang nalaman about that earthquake? ignorance is blissss....

Oct 13, 2005, 4:43:00 AM  

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