i'm back! after a two-week absence (not by choice), i can blog again! definitely, sims2 wasn't the cause of my prolonged absence, rather it looked like it was a conspiracy against me perpetuated by unknown forces (in short, malas lang talaga!). it all started when our phone line went dead, which took a few days before the pldt guys came over and fixed it. not long after that, my external modem suddenly stopped functioning, probably because of old age (7 years) or could be due to the innumerable times it fell, dropped, and shaken. i was reduced to checking my mail using my cell phone. i wouldn't be surprised if i get an angina attack when my next phone bill arrives.

as much as i want to get a dsl connection so i wouldn't have modem problems, i still can't afford it yet. i had no choice but to get a new modem. so now, i'm back in business. haay salamat =)


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