a funeral...and curlytops

...a funeral

the day after the wedding, i went to the funeral of a dear aunt. she was my mom's sister-in-law and though i wasn't very close to her, she would be remembered with fondness. when i was young, everytime tita R went to visit us, she'd bring a box or 2 of curly tops chocolates for me and my 3 siblings, to be divided equally. i would always anticipate her visits since it was my only chance to eat that brand of chocolate. i think at the time, it was one of the expensive local chocolates available and i could not afford to buy it with my small allowance. whether it was somebody's birthday, christmas or a social visit, she always had something to give us. if it wasn't curly tops, it was some other chocolate one could buy only in sari-sari stores. but for my sweet tooth, the brand didn't matter much.

it was only when i was a little older did i realize how my tita R and her whole family stood financially. they weren't well off, in fact, they were so hard-up that the usual reason she would visit was because she would ask my mom for some help. and all those times, all i could think of was the curly tops she would bring! my mom would even reprimand her for giving us gifts coz she knew how difficult life was for them. but she never stopped bringing us those chocolates, until i was well in my teens, not minding my mom at all. and i love her for that!

...and curly tops

when the funeral date was set, my older sister called me up. she said she wasn't sure if she would be able to attend coz she lived around 3 hours drive from manila and still had to see her patients before she could leave her place. actually, it was alright for her not to attend the funeral since our family would be represented by me and my mom, plus she already paid her last respect a few days before. but then i could not help but ask her, "ate, remember the curly tops she used to bring us?"...

i didn't need to say more coz the mere memory of those curly tops, and tita R's generosity was enough to make her come and say goodbye to our dear tita R, for the last time.


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