for the past 3 weeks, i've been practicing my driving with C's guidance, the family driver. for the first session, i practiced inside the cemetery where my dad is. before driving, i dropped by my dad's tomb to inform him, in case he has some objections. but then, i know my dad wouldn't really object to me driving a car. what he would not allow is for me to have my own car before i go into residency. he made sure my mom knows that before he died.

for the next 2 sessions, i practiced somewhere around the reclaimed area in manila. we asked permission from a guard if i could practice there and he was kind to us and even told us where we could do it...syempre, because he is so accommodating, we gave him something for meryenda, in short, nilagayan. driving without other cars in sight is heavenly. i tried to master the art of making a U-turn, but there was a patch of rough road that i had to pass, strategically located to where i make the turn. the goal is to do it gracefully, but at the end of the session, C and i were dizzy from all the sudden brakes i made especially when i made the U-turn.

so far, i've caused slight traffic jams, almost hit a guard, been cursed by impatient drivers, stopped in the middle of quirino highway. C said it's all part of the training. i just hope that before C loses his patience with me, i'd be able to drive on my own. for now, i'd continue practicing and at the same time, save money and hope that i'd get rich real soon so i can hire my own driver!

couldn't find jacky chan's star along avenue of the stars. i hope this guy is famous too.
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