a wedding...

a wedding...

my good friend from highschool, C, got married to her long-time beau, A. their love story started while they were still in college, and experienced the ups and downs all couples go through. after 13 years of friendship, ten of which they spent as a couple, they decided to take their relationship to a higher level. it was about time!

C was the picture of a very happy bride. she was glowing from within and very pretty (even prettier than me! =P) as she was walking down the aisle. the groom, A, started crying the moment he saw C walking towards him. those were not tears of regret, but most probably, tears of joy that finally, they would seal their relationship under the eyes of God. i noticed that at the end of C's march, almost everybody was misty eyed. haay...

i dunno what it is exactly about weddings that make me cry. the moment i see a bride walking down the aisle, my vision would start to cloud with tears. but i've also noted that this would only happen when i'm personally close to the couple, more so, to the bride.
i guess, like with most people, i could sense the love surrounding the couple that i would be overwhelmed with joy, hence, the activated lacrimal glands.


Blogger atticus said...

nice stories. thanks for sharing them.

Dec 27, 2005, 10:21:00 PM  

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