chicharon bulaklak

last december 31, my mom went out to meet her friends for lunch while i was left home alone coz i was sick. by mid afternoon, my eldest brother, K1, and his family came for a visit. he brought with him a bag of chicharon bituka (deep fried pig intestines) and chicharon bulaklak (mesentery). no, it wasn't pulutan for new year's eve, rather it was going to be our snack and dinner, if it would last that long.

it did last until dinner, even up to new year's day, not that we didn't like them, but because about an hour after my brother arrived, my mom came home, also bearing wit her, a bag each of chicharon bituka and bulaklak! you could just imagine all the cholesterol those chicharons had and must be avoided at all cost, especially my mom. obviously, everybody in my family loves eating those sinful, fat-laden, sure-to-give-you-gout-attacks chicharon. in fact, when my other brother, K2, came with his family to wait for the new year, guess what he brought? chicharon bulaklak and bituka!

i guess my mom and 2 brothers were in the same wavelength that day. nobody asked anybody to buy chicharon bulaklak but everybody knew it would be much appreciated. saraaaap!


Blogger atticus said...

how bad are they? like how much cholesterol per gram?

i never really developed a taste for it. sometimes it's awful how they dump chicharon on vegetable dishes. pinakbet. munggo. diningding. (halata bang ilokana?)

Jan 15, 2006, 12:28:00 PM  
Anonymous botoxdick said...

In defense of chicharon bulaklak .
This gastronomical delight is God's gift to the
Filipino Nation !!
and to the World ..
Growing up as a young Letranista in the 70's my Papi will take us to watch a
movie is Azcarraga ( Avenida Rizal ) after watching spaghetti westerns and
stuff we had late merienda on the nearby cafe comprising of
San Miguel Beer ( export quality - with a gold palara on bottle ,
they dont have it any more ) and of course chicharron bulaklak -
the chinos knew how to do it good - crispy , walang taba - almost Kosher !!
the suka was mild and lightly spiced but there was always siling labuyo green and red nearby for some excitement ..
or sometimes I go will Tito Julius to Barrio Fiesta on Buendia and Dian
they also had same thing 'cripy and lite'
on the when I was going a courtin' in La Loma as a young soldier - Mang Tomas also had it but it was not crispy and after cooking it was left to soak in the kettle with the lard --
at times my Colonel I was with wanted to have the owner shot for this
( chicharron bulaklak that was left to soak in lard is crimminal -- musketry was an apropiate punishment !!! )
now in the states in 21th Century ..
the restaurants around West Covina are equally guilty of
'fatty chicha'
but there is always micro wave , not as good as chicha made rigth from the start but it will do !

I recommend chicha' bulaklak with lite beer - Miller Light , Micheload Ultra
or Corona
so Adios and Mabuhay Chicharon Bulaklak !!!)

Jan 21, 2006, 3:30:00 AM  
Blogger Tani said...

i love chicharonE! ang lapid's ba mas healthy?

Jul 14, 2006, 12:35:00 PM  

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