felt like a grade school kid on a field trip yesterday. my 10-year-old nephew, D, requested to visit fort santiago since we were in the area. too bad i didn't have my camera so i could post some pics here to complete the effect. i haven't been there for a long time and D served as our tour guide, bringing me to all crooks and crannies of the place. i didn't wander too much from my nephews since a part of me was afraid that i'd step into some warp zone and bring me back to the past! baka maeskandalo mga kastila!

D wasn't too much interested on the old clothes, furnitures and stuff, but the structure of the whole place. he's probably imagining himself to be part of the japanese military. i checked on rizal's genealogy just in case i could find a link to my family. as expected, there was none. asa pa! anyway, it was a cheap and nice way to spend the time, trying to relearn history (given the fact that i must have learned it in my elementary and highschool years)... and thanking my lucky stars that i wasn't born during that era.

after the trip to the past, we went back to the modern world. in short, we found ourselves in the mall and this time, my brothers joined us in rockwell. first stop was the bookstore but the book i was looking for wasn't there. when the kids were done browsing on all the kiddie books, we went to the arcade. after i spent my game card on time crisis 3 and the zombie game (name i can't recall), my muscles were sore and i couldn't raise my shoulders. but i had fun and i wanna go back and play!

i wonder when the next field trip is and where...


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