the pressure is mounting, it's just 16 days away. two weeks away from the second judgment. prayers are being said, tips are shared, advices are given, with words of encouragement that sometimes are taken the wrong way. the simplest word could be translated to a million different meanings. aaaargh! i can't wait to be free and go on with my life!


face paint

Arm Paint
tomorrow is my nephew, L's 1st birthday. there will be a party, with lots
of balloons, games and all the things we see in children's parties. there
will be face painting too, courtesy of my friend, B, whose artistic
skill are a lot more superior than mine. i've tried practicing too on
my arm, but i don't think i'm cut out to be a face painter, or an arm
painter for that matter.. so i leave it to B to do the painting and me
to do the talking. i'll convince the kids' parents that it's not me who's
gonna do the painting so their children are going to be safe.



he fathered them all Posted by Hello

he fathered them all...that's my nas! my mongrel dog is a dad many times over. nas has been my dog for quite awhile now, even before i started med school. we were separated when i started living in the dorm while in school and now that i'm back home, he's happy as ever. he'd wag his tail, smiling, trying to be cute and waiting for me to pet him. at the same time, he'd keep the other dogs away from me, in fear that he wouldn't be my favorite anymore. he's the king of the dogs at home, with browny as his queen.



blowny Posted by Hello

black + brown = blowny. one of the 5 puppies brought out in this world by browny. they just opened their eyes yesterday. i dunno how much they see but they can definitely feel their mother's presence. i still can't touch them, in fear that browny wouldn't like it, but she's generous enough to have their picture taken.

hungry for mother's milk


conspiracy bar

shaky hands Posted by Hello

a shot from a bar co-owned by a friend. it's a cool place where you could jam with the artists, be with your friends and drink your hearts' out with cheap beer.

the ambiance is way different from the other place my college friends and i usually hang out. but then, smoky or not, it's the company that matters. times like these, i miss my college friends, A, E, F, B, J, who are all living their own lives halfway around the world. *sniff*

christmas tree

the mango tree that could light up the whole street Posted by Hello


hmmm...would the features of this blog be a lot better than my other blog? for now, this would just serve as my bridge so i could post photos on my other blog....



conspiracy bar Posted by Hello

a shot from a bar co-owned by a friend. it's a cool place where you could jam with the artists, be with your friends and drink your hearts' out with some-kinda-cheap beer.

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