fire scare

a few days after christmas, my mom called me up at work telling me she was on her way home. it was around lunchtime and my mom doesn't get off from work till 5 pm. she then told me that a fire broke out near our place. from her description, the fire was about 2 to 3 houses from ours! i didn't waste another second and went home with her.

it was a long ride home. my mom and i tried to amuse each other with stories and just about anything. but from afar, we could see a big black smoke and couldn't help but think it might already be our house burning. stuff like burning houses, i only read about in the papers or see on tv, but never imagined it could happen to us.

the house we're living in was built way before i was born. my parents built it when they were just starting a family. it's not big but it was enough for us. it was built to last a long time, sans fire or maybe a really major earthquake. if our house was destroyed, it was as if another memory of my dad was being erased.

when we finally got to our place, our street was filled with fire trucks. thank God, the fire was contained on the warehouse where it started. and it wasn't 3 houses from ours, which was what our maid earlier reported, but instead it was around 10 houses or more. still, we were very lucky. if it happened on a windy day or if the chinese volunteers didn't arrive on time, my mom and i would have had a homeless new year.

pinagpapala pa rin talaga kami. =)

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