blue christmas

i've noticed that the days are getting shorter lately. by the time i get out of work it's already dark or near dark and it's not even 6 pm yet. the radio stations and the malls are all playing christmas songs endlessly. and that song by george michael, which is not really a christmas song but has christmas in its title, can be heard over and over again.
C, our driver/decorator/landscape-artist/etc. has started decorating our house for christmas. he eagerly went to divisoria a couple of weeks ago to buy the decors and lights which he would use. he has already finished decorating our christmas tree. and for this year's theme, it's a blue christmas...i swear, i have nothing to do with it. he said he's sick and tired of the red and green decors so he opted for blue.
right now, he's concentrating on the christmas decors outside the house. it's going to be a difficult task coz he's gonna change the lights on our mango tree in front of our house. i just hope he finishes before christmas is over.


question # 1

what does one do when one doesn't have anything to do that one feels worthwhile?

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