i like

i'd like to take a break. i'd like to quit. i'd like to go to the beach. i'd like to go to sagada. i'd like to go to europe. i'd like to sleep all day. i'd like to laugh like there's no tomorrow. i like, i like, i like.

but i can't.



i've become a once-a-month-blogger. down from a once-a-week-blogger, while i was addicted to the sims, to this sorry sad state. although i do try to update this blog everytime i go online, my mind doesn't seem to work with me. and i end up with this...

the lungs are clear.
the heart is normal in size and configuration


those are the words that usually occupy my mind and write in a piece of paper at work. i've lost my ability to tell a story complete with long descriptions and flowery statements. all i can describe now is how tuberculosis looks like in an xray.

i think my days as a blogger are ending.

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