i hate smart

i used to say "i hate smart" for a personal reason before...but now, i really hate smart.

last month, i've finally decided to avail of the Smart Bro broadband service. my friend, J, has been teasing me for a while because, according to him, i am the only one he knows who still uses dial-up. applying for a connection was very easy, in fact, 2 days after i applied online, somebody contacted me that i could already pay so that somebody could come over to my house and fix the connection.

that's when the trouble began. a month after i paid for the subscription, i still didn't have an internet connection. though somebody did come a week after i paid, the connection didn't last for a day. and the vicious cycle started: somebody coming over to fix the antenna, then after a day, there would be no connection. at first, i was very patient about it, but after two weeks, i became homicidal. i made friends with the company's customer service representatives. i called them almost everyday, to no avail. they used the same lines when i asked what was wrong. they would either say, they're still coordinating with the concerned department or that a feedback from the contractors were not yet in.

i think i've been stood up by the contractors at least three times. the schedulers from Smart said it was the contractor's fault. however, the contractor would tell me that they didn't receive a report that something was wrong with my connection. i asked if i could terminate my contract since i wasn't able to use it and technically, the contract hasn't started yet, they said i have to pay the remaining 11 months of the contract. that's bullsh*t!

when i couldn't take it anymore, i finally wrote a letter to their customer care last week. here's an excerpt:

I am tired of calling your hotline and hearing your customer representatives telling me the same thing over and over again. I wasn't able to get the names of the customer representative I talked to but if you check your records, i think they would be there, as well as all the calls I made and my complaints. I think I have been patient enough and frankly, my patience is running out. In my line of work, time is very important and I've been wasting my time calling your hotline for nothing. Plus, I'm not getting my money's worth.

I don't know where the problem lies but your clients are not happy with your service. Smart is a very big company and everyday, I see your advertisements everywhere. However, you are falling short to the expectations of your clients. I've talked to other people who use Smart Bro and I found out that mine isn't an isolated case. Please look into this matter.
yesterday, the contractor came to my house and changed the antenna. my internet connection is working now. for how long? that remains to be seen.

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