a few hours from now, i'm getting my very first paycheck as a resident. it's not much but i'm very excited. in fact, i've already spent most of it in my mind as i windowshopped in the mall earlier. just 3 things: a new pair of sandals that i don't really need, a blouse and a book. sadly, that's all my meager paycheck can afford.

for the past 2 months, i've been working without pay. i spent my first month as a pre-resident, it's like training before the real residency training. on my second month, i officially began my residency training but i didn't get my salary. it's the hospital's policy to keep the first month's salary as a cash bond, just in case i decide to quit. if i quit before the end of my training, i wouldn't be able to get it. i'll only be able to get it when i finish my training...which is going to be in 4 years time, but with interest, daw.

it's a misconception that by becoming a doctor, one automatically becomes financially rich. but that isn't the case, especially if one is still in training, like me. doctors do become rich, in other aspects, but not always monetary. we're just like most of the people out there: overstressed, overworked and underpaid...but always looking forward to payday.


"goodmorning mam, sir"

earlier this morning, my senior resident and i bought our breakfast in a nearby chowking branch. as we entered the store, we were cheerfully greeted with, "goodmorning mam, sir". nothing unusual about it, i know.

but have you noticed everytime you enter a store, especially a fastfood joint, whether alone or with a group, the crew would greet you with "good_____ mam, sir". it was said with an intonation that i could not even begin to describe here. you have to hear it to appreciate it, i guess. and it was always like that and never just "good_______ maam" or "good______ sir". i wonder why?

maybe they're never sure if one is a real male or female so they use both to avoid problems. maybe that's how they were trained by their superiors. but it's kinda weird, though. i can't think of any other reasons.

or trip-trip lang talaga?

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