i was in mall of asia last saturday for the last day of the pyrolympics. i was bullied into going. my friends said it would be their last chance to see the show cause they're leaving for the states in the next couple of months. it was an emotional blackmail and obviously, it worked.

there were so many people. and that was one of the reasons i didn't
want to go there. if the terrorists really wanted to wreak havoc, they should have done it there that night. my golly, the last time i saw that big a crowd was, hmmm... maybe edsa 2 or when the pope was last here.

when we went to the restaurant where my friend reserved a table for us, we were told that the reservation she made was for friday night! *#&$^%! when i heard it, i saw red! nobody would admit who made the mistake. we were sure it wasn't my friend coz all of us weren't available on friday night. but the manager/owner wouldn't admit that they made a mistake either. on the other hand, they couldn't afford to displease their customers so a compromise was done. if the people in one of the reserved tables wouldn't arrive on time, he would give their table to us. they were caught in traffic so we got the table.

oh yeah, the traffic. we didn't have a car so we walked from the mall of asia to who-knows-where, along with the thousands who decided to go home at the same time we did...and that was after the show. i already knew it was gonna be a long walk to where we could get a cab but i didn't expect to still be waiting for a ride at 1 in the morning. kainis talaga!

the fireworks were great. i think it was better than last year. the crowd was very enthusiastic and all were in awe. i really enjoyed the show but to be honest, it wasn't worth the hassle we went through just to see it.

i went there only because it could be the last time we would be together. but next year, friends or no friends, i wouldn't set foot in that area for the pyrolympics! no way!

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