who's the best?

they're neither twins nor siblings. they're cousins and they're poles apart. the girl would eat everything while the boy hardly eats anything. the girl wouldn't kiss strangers but the boy would kiss almost everybody. the boy loves to dance, the girl is into singing.

they're both in their terrible two's and i pity their moms and dads and their yayas. but one thing common with them is their ninang. and at this early age, they've both been trained to answer this very important question:

"Who's the best?"

"Ninang Kero, only!"


3 wishes

as much as i wanted for time to stop, the inevitable happened. i turned a year older a few days ago. though i didn't blow any candles, i made 3 wishes just the same.

i wish for...
1. passion in my career...or find something i could be passionate about.

2. a love life. period.

3. world peace...no, really!


wishful thinking

i wish i could be there soon, or to any beach for that matter. the summer months are almost over and i haven't even been near a body of water yet, except the one beside roxas boulevard.

i long to walk in the white soft sands that could remove all kinds of calluses, the salty water that could sting the eyes, (but what the heck!) and most of all, i long for the quiet lazy days. instead, i'm cooped inside a building, day in and day out. haay...those were the days...

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