the Boss

my newphews and nieces love to play inside my room whenever they visit. by the time they were done, my bed had lost its cover, the pillows were on the floor. oh and the candy wrappers, they would be everywhere! it's their playland. one niece, P, would open my closet and look for an item she could have. it's usually a long-forgotten small container, a mirror, and at one time, a cotton bud container which happened to be pink. we call her the junk collector.

one time, my nephews L, K and my niece P were again running inside my room. i decided i had to lay the ground rules if i wanted to keep my room intact.

  • no eating inside my room, or any other room.
  • no jumping on bed (yeah, i'm KJ, big time!).
  • and the most important rule, i'm the BOSS in my room.

to this, they all agreed and they resumed playing, or so i thought. suddenly K came up to me and asked, Ninang, is the boss like God?

now how do i answer that?


the story of my life :(

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