while having dinner last night, my 5-year old nephew asked me a question.

K: Ninang, who's older, my dad or you?
Me: What do you think?
K: I think you're older coz you look older.
Me: speechless

while still trying to formulate a response, i can hear my niece explaining to his brother that i'm the youngest.

i need a makeover!!!


just because

as i was thinking about my childhood a few months back, i realized sesame street was a big part of it, along with hello kitty, of course. that started me on my quest to look for the episode when the show talked about death. why search for that particular episode? i have no idea. i could remember how they tried to explain death to big bird and i thought they made a good job. it wasn't an easy search, but i eventually found a site where i could watch it again...and reminisce.

Sesame Street - I'm Gonna Miss You, Mr. Hooper!
Uploaded by Wrestlegameshow. - News videos from around the world.

fast-forward to present day. a very important member of my family was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. and now i find myself watching the episode again if only to give me insight on how to explain (if given the task) to two very smart kids that their mother might not make it to their next birthday. how i wish that when i found the video a few months ago, i showed it to them too.

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