panalo pa rin!

i just got home from watching the pba game, between the san miguel beermen and the red bull barakos in cuneta astrodome. the team i was rooting for, which was san miguel beer, lost by 2 points. they trailed the whole time only to tie the game with only 3 seconds left. but luck was with the other team coz with less than 1 second to go, they managed to shoot the basket! and so, my friend R and i went out of the stadium a little deflated. our other companions weren't really smb fans so they didn't share our feelings.

as if the loss wasn't enough, when we got to M's car, it wouldn't start! he must have left his lights on so the car's battery was discharged. may mas mamalas pa ba don?! R & i went to the nearest gasoline station and to a vulcanizing shop but they were no help. we needed a jumpstart cable (or is it jumper?) but we couldn't find one. there we were, 3 girls and 1 guy, at the parking lot of cuneta with no help in sight. we even asked the policeman for help but as always,
wala silang maitulong!

as our last resort, i called on my cousin who was smb's former team manager and the one who provided us the tickets. i was a little hesitant coz his team just lost and everything, but given the circumstances, i had no choice. good thing, he was still in the area and went to where we were. he found somebody who had a cable too.

luck started to come in. it turned out, the car beside us is owned by kiko adriano, an smb player. he volunteered to have his car's battery to be connected with M's car. he even helped in pushing the car with the other members of the team's technical staff. it was a team effort to make M's car run and it paid off. they may have lost the game but they went home winners in my eyes.

i overheard an usi say, "natalo na, nagtulak pa!"

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