you hold in your hands...

taken from the back label of san mig light

it's that time of the year again...but i don't think i'd be one of the crowd. my drinking buddies all went AWOL. my tomador college friends who introduced me to this drink are all in the US. vna is in the US too, for the whole month of october. frd is busy with her new found passion. kt is not a beer drinker. as for me, i no longer enjoy drinking as i used to.

haay, i feel so old...



i got my very first ipod a couple of days ago in the power mac store in greenbelt. since i'm a newbie in this type of thingamajig and i wanted to be sure it was really working, i asked one of the personnel to try it for me before bringing it home.

rather than listening to the guy's instructions, my friend J and i horsed around with their laptop and accomplished these instead!

how's my new gadget now? it's still in the box and have yet to try it since i brought it home. i'm still thinking of a name for it. any suggestions?

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