if i watch hbo the whole day, i end up crying the whole day. so i just might as well update my "almost forgotten" blog.

update # 1: finally, i've finished my 4-yr residency training program which leads me to...

update # 2: as if i haven't gotten sick and tired of training, i just started another 1-yr subspecialty training. i think that makes me a professional student but minus the allowance. poor me. *sniff*

update # 3: my age is finally catching up with me. i had some blood works done last week when my bipedal edema wouldn't let up. and the result? i failed in almost all of the tests done! i have slightly elevated uric acid, cholesterol, sgpt and sgot levels...the key word being "slightly". after years of teasing/lecturing my brother and my mom, i'm in the same league with them. that's what you call karma! on the bright side, my sugar level is still within normal. i could still eat my chocolates!

update # 4: update # 3 is brought upon my (surprise, surprise) weight gain. i know i should be losing all these excess pounds but like what every "horizontally challenged" person would say, the mind is willing but the flesh is weak. or is it the other way around?!

update # 5: i still find blogging a better way to express myself than FB. the stuff here are from my inner most thoughts while the stuff there are just stuff. i know i'm hooked to their games but blogging is still the best. it's just that with all the games i play on FB, i don't have the time to update. and for that, i don't think the handful of people who used to read my blog is still there. but if you are, thank you.

update # 6: remember my snowglobe collection? i now have three!!!

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