first, she declared my duty day a holiday. then she declared a state of emergency on the day i was supposed to meet friends. when will she stop?

the truth is, i don't really have an opinion regarding what's happening. i am one of the millions who have become jaded and apathetic. maybe i've become selfish, thinking only of my own well-being. worse, i'm losing hope that the situation would get better. and the thing that comes to my mind over and over again is the ogre legend.

could somebody please enlighten me? or are we all in the dark?



yesterday, i got off from work a little after 5 pm. i didn't have a ride home so i had to take a cab. i knew cabs were not scarce in the area since it was a busy thoroughfare. but after an hour, i was still there, trying to get into one. i waited in all the strategic spots i could think of near the hospital but i still had a hard time.

i saw a lot of cabs pass me by but most of them were occupied. still, i waited patiently until at last, i saw a vacant taxi! i quickly hailed at the driver before anybody could beat me to it. it has been my routine, before entering a cab, to tell the driver my destination since i've had experiences before when rude drivers would refuse to get me to my destination because of "traffic". it turned out this driver wasn't an exception. so i waited for another taxi again.

after 4 or 5 more taxis, all refusing to bring me home, my temper was near boiling point. the cabdrivers all had excuses. one told me he was going to makati which was in the opposite direction to where i was going. 2 or 3 drivers told me it was ma-traffic. hello?! it was 5 pm! i didn't think there was a single area in metro manila where the traffic was light! and it was friday! !$@*&%

i really don't understand why there are taxi drivers who refuse to go anywhere where they think they would be caught in traffic. if they wanted to avoid getting caught in traffic, why don't they just ply the road in the wee hours of the morning. coz i'm a hundred percent sure they wouldn't be caught in heavy traffic, in any traffic! kainis!


only in the...2

a boxing champion.
he did us proud in his recent match and obviously, that's where his talent lies, inside the ring. now, he's a recording artist too. i heard his cd is selling very well but i don't think people bought it to hear his voice. they bought it simply because he sang the songs and the people could relate to them.

where else can you find a combination as lethal as that? only in da...


wag na lang sana

anakngkabayo nagparamdam ka nanaman. bakit ba di ka na lang manahimik sa sulok mo gaya ng pananahimik ko sa sulok ko. di naman ata mahirap gawin yon. pinili mo ang pinili mo. wala ng bawian. desisyon mo, sana mapanindigan mo.

kung kinakain ka ng konsensya mo, wag na, sayang lang. pero kung makakatulong ito kahit papaano, ayos lang ako. isa pa, matagal na panahon na yon. tumanda ka na, tumanda na ko at nagtanda tayo. kung hihilingin mong maging magkaibigan tayo uli, sana wag na lang. tutal masaya na naman tayo sa buhay natin.

ano man ang dahilan mo para magparamdam muli, tingin ko tama na yung mabuhay tayo sa mga sarili nating mundo. ano po sa tingin mo?

season 10

i recently had the chance to finish friends season 10 on dibidi...from quiapo, where else! i must admit i felt sad that it had to end but i really can't blame the actors since they've been playing the same role for more than 10 years, i think. they probably needed a fresh breath of air.

but even if they've been running that long, it was only in the last 2 years, just when the whole thing was ending, that i got hooked to watching the show. i wasn't able to get the chance to watch the sitcom on tv though, coz i didn't have one in my dorm. but one of my roomies, K, brought her vcd collection to the dorm. there was a catch though, we would only watch them during study breaks using the pc. we were allowed to watch only an episode a day but with our low EQs, those study breaks would stretch to 2 hours...meaning we would finish 4 episodes each time. haay...those were the days.

anyway, back to friends, i can now understand why they had been winning awards for the longest time. it was a really funny show and i don't think there was one episode that i didn't laugh out loud, alone or with company, with their crazy and often times, stupid antics. there was this one time i decided on watching just 1 episode before going to bed since i was a little sleepy. i even set the tv on sleep just in case i'd fall asleep before the episode ended. well, sleep was farthest from my mind after i finished all the 4 episodes in the cd!

but all good things has to come to an end. the characters and the actors themselves had to move on with their lives, just like everybody else. and watching their last episode, it made me remember that in moving on or saying goodbye, we could always bring with us all the memories of things that were, both good and bad. but no matter how we try to go back to that time or to that era or to that feeling, it would never be the same. because no matter how we deny it, we all change. and as the saying goes, the only thing that's constant in this world, is change.

may logic ba?


my new world

a new beginning in a new environment. a far cry from the previous one. each morning, when i wake up, there's a happy glow inside me. there's an eagerness to learn new things. and i need to learn A LOT. and even if toxicity starts to get in, i still plan to stay for the next couple of years.

so if and when i start whining how hard things are in my new world, i hope to be reminded of this entry. until then, i would continue hoping and praying that things would work out this time.

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