bahala na...

ang sarap ng buhay!!! i'm on vacation from friday to monday with nothing to do and with no definite plans. i could play the sims2, diner dash, etc. till kingdom come...well, till monday, at least. what kept me going for the last few weeks was the thought of this long holiday. i refrained from getting "sick" and skipping work.
haay. i know i should be remembering His sacrifice. I do. but in between, or most of my time, i'm just gloating the fact that i don't have to go to work until tuesday. so now, i'm blogging again courtesy of my ate's pc. hoping that friends still visit my blog after a month's absence.
last march 1, i officially started my 2nd year of training. hooray!!! two more years to go! i'll be finished by 2010, gray hair and all. wow. for those who has an inkling on my age, don't do the math anymore. =)
after months of whining, i've decided to finish this training, happy or not. i've realized (i.e., somebody pointed out to me) that what i feel is not important. what's important is i finish what i started. life is hard these days and my mom is not getting any younger. and so, i'm staying...unless, of course, i win the lotto jackpot.
by 2011, i hope to start my career. i'm not going into subspecialty coz that would take another 2 to 3 years. i don't think i'd like to endure that anymore. no way!
as i always say, bahala na si batman!

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