duke, me, bengorts and marvin butete sa harapan ng pagsanjan falls Posted by Hello

having a taste of kermit with duke Posted by Hello

pictures were taken during our trip to pagsanjan 2 weeks ago. the frog-eating session was held in Exotic Restaurant in Kalayaan, Laguna. R brought us there to try some exotic foods but we weren't adventurous enough. we made the safest choice, which was the crispy froggy. it was a first for me but i don't think there would be a repeat. though it tastes like sweet mom's fried chicken, i can't help but remember my frog-dissecting days. yummy!



i'm waiting for a friend to go online so we could chat a little. haven't talked to A for a while and come to think of it, i have no idea what we could talk about. he's in new york, i live in another continent. he's married and i'm unattached. he's working and i'm still bumming. what could we possibly talk about... the old times? that's what we talked about the last time...my nonexistent lovelife? naah, he would just tease me to death...his life now? it would be hard for me to relate...but we've been friends for 10 years so it wouldn't be really hard to find a common point, hopefully.

A is like a brother to me but not quite. he's my guy bestfriend but not in the same way as my girl bestfriends. we used to be movie dates when he was still here, whether with girlfriend or not. we used to eat out a lot and most of the time, i'd pay for the food, he'd pay for the movie. if we run out of cash, we'd just have dinner at home, with the food his mom cooked for us and we'd just watch movies at his home. i'm his friend insecure girlfriends were jealous of. but there was nothing more than the friendship we had. i didn't wish it to be more than that, neither did he. even if he's been away for 3 years now, i still miss him. i still miss what we used to do, the fun we used to have and the friendship. but i wish him all the best.

i wish we could rekindle the friendship we had, even if we went our different paths...if not now, maybe soon.

another transferred entry from my other blog (jan 8, 2005)


best friends

D's wedding, Feb 2004 Posted by Hello

back in highschool, we were part of a big group, who would all eat lunch together in the hallway, which we fondly called family hall, and blocked everybody else from passing through. we belonged in different sections then when the school decided to dissolve the first section, our class, and distributed us to join the other classes. but it didn't matter much since we've already formed friendships from way, way back, during the first 2 years of elementary school. we all practically grew up together, separated only during weekends and summer vacations.

in college our lunch group went to different schools. we would see the others once in a while but it was the 4 of us who kept in touch all the time. D took up a pre-law course and is now a lawyer, a mother and a wife. R & i took up premed course but had different schools and we are both doctors now. P took up a computer course which we all couldn't remember the name but turned out to be IT and is now the richest among the 4. =)

the four of us witnessed each other's successes and failures. saw each other bloom, physically and emotionally. cried on each other's shoulders during heartaches and hearbreaks. laughed together and laughed at one another. learned from each other's mistakes, sometimes the hard way. shared our most intimate and darkest secrets knowing that we would still see each other the same way. and no matter how far we are from one another, no matter how different our fields are, we are best friends and sisters through and through. and i couldn't ask for more... except for a boyfriend, maybe. =)



at the araneta colliseum, 041005 Posted by Hello

hay nako, talunan kami kagabi. tinambakan ng ginebra ang smb! sa fans pa lang, talo na talaga san miguel. parang night out lahat ng beerment. pati yung import nila, di nakagawa. hay nako talaga!

pero di bale, nag-enjoy naman kami. matagal tagal na rin akong di nanood ng live at iba talaga ang feeling pag nandoon ka talaga kesa pag sa tv. siguro masusundan pa uli ang panonood ko sa kanila dahil may oras na ko ngayon. at sana, sa susunod na panonood ko, maganda na ang laro nila (di kaya ako ang malas?).

manalo, matalo, hangga't may magbibigay sa akin ng tickets ng san miguel games, patuloy ko pa rin silang tatangkilikin. aba, musmos pa lang ata ako eh tagahanga na ko ng san miguel...maliban na lang kung coke ang kalaban kasi team manager nila si hector calma!

iba ang may pinagsamahan!


sad movies

i recently saw a movie in HBO about families. normally, i would have shied away from that kind of movie but i thought, i'd risk it anyway. true enough, in the middle of the movie, the tears started flowing and i can't seem to turn my lacrimal ducts off. seeing one of the oldies in her deathbed in one scene started another bout and this time, memories of my dad kept coming back.

not that i don't want to remember my dad but remembering him in his hospital bed is just not my favorite memory of him. remembering seeing him literally fighting for every breath was too much. what hurt most was i wasn't able to take care of him while he was sick because he wanted me to continue reviewing. anyway, my family said, i would still have the chance when my exam was over coz then i could be with him all the time.

my dad tried very hard to wait for me. a week before my exam, we thought it was the end but he rallied. maybe he thought that if he went before my exams, i wouldn't be able to go through it. he fought really hard and it was like a roller coaster ride. somedays he's down but after his dialysis, he's up, although not walking, but was able to hold short conversations. the ride went on for 10 days. it was hard not being there for the most part, but i owed it to my dad to continue studying and at least try. i knew he wanted to see me become a real doctor.

on the last day of my exam, on the feast of the Our Lady of the Assumption, my dad left us. even in death, he had the right timing. i wasn't there though when he died and they didn't let me know until my exam was over. it was for the best, coz his lungs was too weak to go on. but sometimes i wish i was there with him, holding his hands and kissing him for the last time.

our last family picture during my parents' 39th wedding anniversary (050104), tagaytay city Posted by Hello


i don't think so

a few months ago, while everybody thought i was reviewing 24/7, i secretly watched an old meg ryan-billly crystal movie. the movie was when harry met sally and during one of their conversations,

Harry Burns: There are two kinds of women:high maintenance and low maintenance.
Sally Albright: Which one am I?
Harry Burns: You're the worsk kind. You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance.

so i started thinking...am i like sally? i immediately called up a friend and she insisted that i am like sally. but i still don't get it!

some people say i'm too picky on where i eat and that i don't eat in turo-turos like ilocana's. but in fact, i've eaten in ilocana's and other food establishments that doesn't prioritize sanitation a couple of times. but given the choice, i'd rather eat somewhere else. so does that make me high maintenance?

when i'd rather ride a cab than be sexually harassed by horny passengers in a bus (it wasn't a good experience), is that considered high-maintenance too?

if before ordering iced tea, i ask if it's lipton, nestea or nutrilicious (to which i'd change my order to coke lite) does that make me like sally?

sure, sometimes i ask my gravy to be on the side. or ask the crew at wendy's to give me a caesar's dressing instead of the usual thousand-island dressing for my macaroni salad. but does all that make me high maintenance?

but i'm not like other women who always have perfect hair and make up and are always dressed in the latest style. neither am i the type that causes men to gravitate toward them and would want to do things without qualms. i'm just not the girly girly type.

i still believe i'm just like most women who enjoy good food, be it in a fancy restaurant or a fastfood joint. who doesn't always look like somebody who'd just stepped out of a salon but is presentable anyway.

i am who i am. as long as i'm not hurting anybody, i'll stay as i am.

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